Multiphase Flow Metering Solutions

For Post-Frac Operations

Integrated Solution for Real-Time Flow Monitoring

Providing the best products and services for multiphase flow management

Cactus measurement is founded by metering professionals with strong upstream operations experience. Our team helps the customer to make the best use of the multiphase metering products and ensures the accuracy and reliability of every single meter running in the field.

Cactus Measurement provides enhanced, state-of-the-art, cost-effective and economical solutions for real-time 4-phase multiphase flow monitoring, flow assurance, internal allocation, and production facility consolidation. Cactus Measurement also provides extensive automation / IoT systems - an integrated platform for production optimization that gathers data from various onsite sensors and can be widely used in multiple oil and gas industry applications.

  • Permanent installations for real-time production monitoring and internal allocation
  • Liquid flow rate, sand return volume and gas emission monitoring in drill out.
  • Oil, water and gas real-time monitoring in flowback.